Sunday, April 30, 2006

Alberto Polo expo

Trust Nobody, Nike SB Spain, Nomad Skateboards are sponsoring this expo from the known spanish photographer Alberto
Alberto, a Barcelona native has been more than 10 years shooting skateboarding to the fullest. He has lived in London where he got his degree on photography, and actually lives in Barcelona.
He has worked with magazines like Skateboarder Mag, Kingpin Mag, Uno, Dogway, Freestyler, Sidewalk and many other non-skate magazines. Alberto had an exhibition in germany 2 weeks ago and now hes back in town with this full expo.
The expo showcases his particular vision on skateboard culture and its a pleasure to be part of the first legit expo of a skateboard photographer in Spain.
Trust Nobody/Nomad/Nike SB Spain will produce a serie of limited edition T-Shirts for the event, with one of Alberto's favorite photo.
The place of the event is Trust Nobody gallery. Check flyer details.

Trust Nobody/Nike SB España/Nomad Skateboards son los sponsors de la exposición fotografica del fotografo Alberto Polo.
Alberto, local de Barcelona, lleva mas de diez años haciendo fotografia de skate. Ha vivido en Londres donde cursó una beca de fotografía, y actualmente vive en Barcelona.
Ha trabajado con revistas como Skateboarder Mag, Uno, Dogway, Freestyler, Sidewalk y otras revistas no de patín, entre otras.A Alberto tuvo una exposición fotografica en Alemania que duró del 7 al 29 de abril y ahora ha vuelto a casa para estar presente en esta nueva expo.
Esta exposición muestra su particular visión de la cultura del skate, y es un placer formar parte de la primera exposición fotografica seria de un fotografo español de skate.
Trust Nobody/Nomad/Nike SB España producirán una camiseta conmemorativa para el evento con una de las fotos preferidas de Alberto.
El lugar del evento es la galería TRust Nobody. Os esperamos.
+ info: 93 304 37 31/ 93 481 45 60

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Gabriel Urist x Trust Nobody Gallery

We did this expo in januray and want to share the images with you

Hicimos esta expo en enero y aqui compartimos las fotos


BAMBASTICS, our first expo...
we did it with people like Boris Hoppeck, Copyright, ElizaFreaklüb, Gamebombing, Horst the Ruffian from the Freaklüb, Javier Rodríguez, Javón, Olmo, MrCamuñas, Now, Ramón SanMiquel, Sagüe, Suspiria, Slurp, Wipeout, Zeta

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